Are You Ready For 2020?

What if you could get your time back and give  clients a grand experience?

What if....

 You could spend most of your time focused on acquiring solid leads to present your amazing offering 

If you got an influx of clients today, would you be able to manage all the details unique to each without getting flustered?

Do you take on fewer clients because of the time it takes to organize all their requirements to be successful with your offering? 

What if YOU could show up like Fortune 500 companies and manage as many clients as you desire with ease you can!

Introducing the worlds only all in one customer relationship tool with special focus on client experience

  • Are you a service-based business owner that's ready to get seriously organized in your work?

  • Are you tired of using multiple apps, notebooks and tools to house important information about your clients, payments and email?

  • Aren't you frustrated with the time it takes to remember the unique details of each client like where you met, specific requests and information previously gathered? 

  • Imagine running your business from the palm of your hand using one simple, intuitive application

  • Are you dreaming of clients raving about just how effortless and smooth business transactions are with you?

If you agree with some or all of these questions, the good news is there are easy solutions for you right here.

If you're not tech-savvy, don't worry, my job is to support you along the entire way and you might even surprise yourself.


If your service offering has clients rolling in, get them ready to be super impressed with your new look that was created with them in mind.

The truth order for your business to grow, you need more clients, then you need to impress the ish out of them and create a loyal fan-base that you can sell to over and over.

A second truth is...chances are someone else has a similar offering & client experience is the only differentiator that can really help you really stand and shine.

Insert a video- what is the product, y should they care to purchase, whats gonna be the result

You ready? Let's GO!

Image if you could

(make 5-7 points) paint the pic of their new life 

Introducing the world's only All- In- One client management app that focuses on client experience and engagement. This on the go app allows you to take the desk and laptop and desk right to the palm of your hand. 

  • manage client information eg. Client name, service interest, special needs, email, phone number, where met. 

  • appointment bookings

  • events / registration management

  • invoice creation

  • payment tracking

  • document sharing

  • coupons

  • sent announcements to specific clients & leads

Spread out your testimonials

Tell a little bit more about yourself and y this is important. tell them about the product and whats included. Pricing package- Have 2-4 buttons that scroll down to prices. Then continuing all the goodness you are going to offer.

Tell them about your value/ principles, etc- A glimpse into the system

- training

- support

Not sure if this is for you? email

A serious of qualifying questions:

- Do you have ongoing paying clients

This isn't for you if:

- You do not think

-you don't have the time 

- can't afford it at this time

Another testimonial

Info on the tiers

Another purchase button

FAQ- All the excuses that people give themselves not to buy.

- address all guarantee questions

- refunds

- how do the payments work?

- how long do they have access

I'm ready to sign up button- anchor back to pricing