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10 Customer Service Strategy Tips for Service Providers

1. Assign yourself the customer service ambassador of the company. Service staff should see you exemplifying amazing customer service every-time where they can become inspired.

2. Get a name tag with a creative title like Customer Service Ambassador, Chief Customer Officer (CCO) or something quirky like Smile Maker. Show your customers and staff that you take customer service seriously.

3. Create and post your customer service strategy on your employee board or an open area where employees frequent. Make small changes to your strategy every year to accommodate business changes and customer need.

4. Repeat your customer service motto when possible at team meetings, ceremonies, during town-halls and training. Come up with something easy like, “the customer is the boss”or "the customer is our guest". Form a culture around great customer service.

5. Promote and recognize staff that display great customer service and leadership. Make them employee of the month and be sure to display the reasons why for all to see.

6. Train staff on how to deliver great customer service. Develop specific steps of service with emphasis on engagement, sales and diffusing difficult situations. Test your training with customer feedback, complaints and mystery shop results.

7. Align customer service outcomes with performance appraisals, promotions and recognition. Reward those employees who proactively finds ways to increase the customer experience positively. This sends a strong message to other staff on expectations.

8. Ensure website and promotional information is customer service oriented. Is it easy to find your information online? Do you have a weird parking situation guests need to know about ahead of time? Do you have a commitment to respond to emails and messages in less than 24 hours?

9. Offer customers similar products and services to enhance their experience. Forty percent of customer will purchase a second product if their first experience was memorable enough. Go ahead and develop a loyalty program and treat loyal customers like celebrities with special discounts, coupons and VIP program.

10. Repeat steps 1-9 until it becomes a part of your company culture, DNA and it is expected by your customers. This is where price no longer matter since 85% of customers will spend more if treated exceptionally.

These 10 simply rules can be implemented in your company for a small price but if you want to curate amazing experiences for your customers, take the time and effort to implement a customer service strategy with actionable items that will wow your clients, drive sales and allow sustainability for your products or services. Shoot me an email for more details and remember to treat your customers like they are GOLDEN.