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3 Easy Calculations You Can Use To Measure Your Customer Service Today

Hi Everyone! This week we’ll be discussing calculations in customer service, that’s right, we have found great metrics that can help small business owners understand the importance of customer service in a more tangible way. I believe that business owners don’t focus on delivering great customer service because they can’t easily pull a spreadsheet with data on their customer service performance at the end of the month like you do financial and sales information. Check out these 3 simple calculations you can use to measure your customer service that can be implemented to start some best practices in delivering a great experience for your customers today.

Every $1 spent in customer service yields $3 in profit

Wait, what! The Dijulius Group- a successful customer service consulting firm in the USA (I want to be them when I grow up) have done the research and have come up with this fantastic metric that business owners can use to calculate payback if they decide to implement customer service related tools in their business. What are some of these tools you ask? If you are a big company, you probably use a type of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool like Salesforce, but micro and small business owners need simpler and less expensive products while their business grow. Some customer service investments you can make to improve or ensure your customers are satisfied and happy when doing business with you are:

· Customer Service Training for yourself and staff

The prices for these can be as low as $12.99 on Udemy. Customer service training is underrated while this is one of the key elements your employees need to ensure everyone they come in contact with are happy with your business. Training on how to use the POS or software is completely different from training on how to deal with a dissatisfied customer or what to do when a customer becomes irate. If you have the time, develop your own customer service steps that way you can easily update and transfer that knowledge to staff or better yet customer ambassadors.

· Hire a mystery or secret shopper (as low as $199/month)

Even if your business is small, getting an unbiased assessment of exactly how your customers are treated when interacting with your business is what large successful companies spent thousands on to find out. Your final report with find holes in your operations and allow you the opportunity to make changes that will increase satisfaction for your customers. The Golden Apron can help you with this. Just shoot me an email for a complimentary customer service audit and consult. An audit also offers more information on employee performance and measure how well they treat your customers.

· Surveys

Duh! I know you already could have guessed this, yet so few small owners attempt surveying their customers. Traditional survey companies were quite expensive but nowadays, surveys can cost $37/month for 1000 responses on Survey Monkey. Any feedback from customers is priceless if you are using the information given properly. The survey results can give you a hint into an upgrade in your product or service your customer might prefer, areas of your business that need to be addressed or even operating hours preference. Businesses built on feedback from customers have to be always successful. You are giving your customers exactly what they asked for because you asked them or found out through another source.

Now, let’s do the math:

Cost of customer service training: $12.99/month on Udemy.

Payback: $12.99*3= $38.97

It really is that simple! Repeat for your the others.

Customer service focused businesses live for long term growth. They want to be around forever and they use feedback from customers to do just that. Start off by evaluating customer touch points in your business like your website order form or even a voicemail message. You may be surprised at what you find or try my 20 tough customer service questions that will shake up your business to find out how and where you fall on the delivering great customer service.