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3 Reasons Why I Love Amazon’s Customer Service

I’ve shared a snippet of my customer success story in my blog 3 groundbreaking questions every customer service employee should ask but after last night’s phone call to Amazon's customer service department, I am sold like never before. I’m not a big spender but with Amazon, I would spend it all and lately I have become a Prime member and purchased a ton of stuff. Like most people, I dread calling in to dispute a credit card charge but with Amazon, I can do it everyday, all day, any day. Here is a company that actually gives me what I want and more. Rare! Here are the top 3 reasons I really love Amazon’s customer service.

1. They make it so easy

I needed to dispute a credit card charge with Amazon, I was certain that I cancelled my prime subscription so what’s with the $89 charge? Hubby accidentally searched for Amazon’s contact information in their products search bar and it worked! We were instantly navigated to their contact us page. Smart. Talk about thinking ahead. They asked us to fill in the reason for our call via easy drop down options, entered our phone number for a call back and one second later, someone or something was calling our phone.

Ensuring your contact information is super easy for customers to find is vital for the customer experience. Have a professional phone number, business email address and don’t forget that professional voicemail greeting.

2. They are accountable

For sure I knew it would be an automated system dialing us in from a far away land with a far away representative and it was! But literally 2 seconds later, a friendly voice was on the other end. She embodied everything you would want in a customer service rep mp matter her location and more. She verified us, found our myriad of Canadian and American Amazon accounts and gave us our refund without an issue. Turns out, it was our fault we got charged and the rep apologized for our inconvenience. Wait, what! She apologized to us for our mistake, that’s crazy. I can’t even get companies to apologize for issues that was their fault.

A simple apology can make the difference between a one-time shopper and a lifetime customer yet many service reps will simply ignore an aggravated guest even when they wave a red flag. Taking accountability for customer issues regardless of who is to blame will show customers you take them seriously and more importantly that you value their experience and dollar.

3. They are dedicated

We were on the phone talking to the rep for over 20 minutes as she scrubbed our accounts for all the mess we created. She was very proactive at trying to find our issues and never seemed bothered by our confusion, disorganization or ignorant questions. Overall, our call went very well and had to be in my top 5 best phone experiences ever (great blog title, lol) even though it was hubby on the phone! I could hear her speak enthusiastically; her tone was inviting, very personable and engaging. Hubby barely wanted to hang up. We loved her!

Making every transaction with your customer memorable is extremely valuable. Remembering your customer’s name or their order from last visit shows that you care and believe me it stands out since so few is actually curating amazing experiences.

Amazon isn’t worth $131 billion US dollars because they sell everything, it’s because they have centered their business purely around the customer, it’s what drives their strategy, ideas and vision. Customer service is their DNA.

I leave you with Amazon's motto, not their customer service motto, their company motto:

“Our vision is to be earth's most customer-centric company" ~ Amazon