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3 Unique Ways to show clients you’re thinking of them

Time to really show clients some special love.

I have been writing long blogs on and off for a year now but I know your time is important so here I go launching my first Golden Manuscript. It’s going to be a short and sweet nugget of the best ways to maximize your client experience. Let’s jump right in.

For my first manuscript, I want to start off with this one particular topic that has been on my mind to be released for a while now so away we go.

Clients want way more engagement, way more attention and way more personalization to their specific needs, so give it to them with these simple methods:

1. Hosting an event or celebration? Invite your clients!

That’s right- If you are hosting a workshop, master class, live show, soft opening, or any event of all, invite your existing clients for FREE. Let them know that as a VIP client, they get these special perks, trust me, no one is doing this. Just think, when was the last time someone you do business with invited you somewhere? Really, comment below let me know! Go further and sweeten the pot by extending the invitation with a free +1.


  • Clients feel super special to receive more than a sale or a new service announcement in their inbox. Go as far as to reserve seating for them with gift bag if you like.

  • That free +1 is a great way to get new business for your company.

  • Clients won’t stop telling their friends about you, believe me.

2. Going to an event? invite your fellow clients

Since most of my clients are business owners, chances are they would like similar business functions I attend ( I try to attend at least one/ month) so invite them on your social media platforms, say something like: I will be attending a thrilling workshop on the best ways to market my business, would love to see you there!


  • You get to know more about your clients, their personalities and likes.

  • You keep top of mind in your industry by increasing touch-points.

  • You start building more than just a business transaction, you start building a relationship.

3. Throw a party, just for your clients and a +1 of course!

This one is my favourites and I can’t wait until I can through one of these myself. But I actually help clients do this. If you need a planner to specifically through a party that will really leave a strong impression, I can help there as well. Realtors especially do these events annually, I’ve read blogs where clients rave about the experience after attending.


  • Get another chance to show clients how much you care, expect the referrals to start rolling in.

  • Impress the hell out of the +1, trust me, they Will eventually become a client.

  • This is the chance to show off your offerings again keeping you top of mind- I would explore unique aspects of the event like “client of the year presentations”, videos with testimonials, charity donations with a huge sponsored prize, the opportunities are endless here.

There you go, 530 words to read in less than 5 minutes, I hope this was helpful and most importantly helped you to start thinking more about the experience your clients have when doing business with you.

Invited to an event or thinking of hosting you own, drop a comment below, would love to hear more.