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5 Ways Business Owners Can Deliver Great Customer Service

5 Ways Business Owners Can Deliver Great Customer Service

I know you have a lot going on with your business, but unintentionally ignoring your customers or not leaving them completely satisfied can stop your business from scaling and worse, lose your customers to the competition. Here are some ways you can beef up your customer service approach and really wow your clients.

1. Create a customer service strategy

Develop a customer service strategy by writing down all the touch points with your customers and how you can deliver the best possible experience at each interaction whether it is via phone, voicemail, email, face to face or even replying to a comment on social media. Every time you communicate with your customer is a chance to engage with them, listen and deliver an amazing experience. The right service strategy will help to hire the right employees, deliver the right product or service and build a loyal following.

2. Create a customer service goal and believe it

It might sound like a cliche but creating a customer service goal and motto shows clients and guests how seriously you take their interaction with your product or service. But not just on paper, actually executing and drilling into your team so it becomes a part of the culture is really the goal here.

85% of customers are willing to pay up to 25% more to ensure a superior service. People want to feel important and special and the more they do, they will keep coming back, spend and tell their friends and family. And remember “the customer is really always right even when they are not”. A customer service goal also shows your commitment to guest satisfaction. Just check out this grocery store's check out policy.

3. Align employee performance reviews to customer satisfaction rates

Use customer reviews and get creative in measuring your customer service rating. Reviews on yelp, facebook and other social media outlets provide a glimpse into what features and services they love or disliked. Here’s your chance to use the feedback to make business better. If you can align that customer service rating to performance reviews and coaching, your team members will realize the impact that poor customer service has on the organization and their raise. If you do mystery shops and even secret evaluations on staff often and place the outcome on their reviews, sooner than later, it will be the norm in your business and everyone will have to get on board or leave. I would never allow an employee to mistreat my valued customer or guest. In mu company evaluations, I find that business owners are great at delivering exceptional service while staff does the bare minimum. How do your ensure employees are on board?

4. Train your Staff

Have specific customer service training for your staff and attend conferences/events and workshops yourself to keep increasing knowledge and learning new industry trends in the world of customer experience. You might think good customer service is innate, natural or should be common sense, but you’re wrong. Many team members actually see customers as a bother, an intrusion to the day and a pain when asking questions. It is imperative that managers and owners ensure they intentionally train staff on how to deal with customers specifically in difficult situations, how to engage with them depending on your business and importance of valuing every interaction when possible. Creating robust and specific steps of service for your staff, I mean to get seriously detailed. Have specific statements they should always ask or say at least in their words so they don't sound robotic. Also have a list of statements they should not say like "anything else?". Those 2 little words drive me crazy? Instead of anything else, why not ask if I would like a hot croissant with my coffee?

5. Have a monthly customer service audit

I mentioned it earlier in point 3- Implementing a customer service audit or mystery shops sets the expectation that all customer service goals must be delivered at a certain quality. Be specific with your customer satisfaction goals and ensure that everyone in your business knows and believes it. Use this tool to keep staff on their toes because service audits are anonymous and no-one knows exactly when the auditor will arrive so stay sharp and open doors for moms and our elderly. The truth is business owners and managers know the importance of delivering great service to their customers but with accounting, sales and a myriad of other areas equally as important, customer satisfaction is not treated with the respect and care as it deserves. For every $1 spent on customer service training, workshops, systems or processes, and ROI of $3 is expected. To learn more about Experience Audits, schedule a consultation with me and let's talk client experience.