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How following up with your customers can increase sales and service in your business.

I'm not talking about stalking your clients, but most business owners and entrepreneurs forget this vital step and I know it works wonders because it’s absolutely mandatory in the service industry. 

What do I speak of?

Following up with your customers, clients and guests after the sale! 

Most of us follow up with our clients to get the sale (btw 80% of sales are made on the fifth to twelfth contact) but way less of us follow up after the client makes a purchase. But they’ve already made their purchase Shauna, I'm good! Correct, but how do you know they are happy with your offering, how do you know they are using it to its full capacity, how would you know if they may need an upgrade, want to order another one or tell you about someone that wants it too?! You don’t, and only 1 out of every 10 customers will leave a review so you actually will never know what they are thinking after receiving your service. 

You need to ask!  But How?

Call (recommended) or message your client on their favourite messaging app after they have received your service, it can be right away (after a dental appointment ) or when you deem fit (after completing module 1 of a coaching program). 

Think about how nice it would be if someone called you after buying your brand new convertible, maybe you wanted matte rims instead of shiny ones after the first week, maybe you want to that red stitching in the seats. Maybe you just need some advise on how to use the navigation. People always need support and help but often times, they don’t ask.  One of my friends recently signed up for some kick boxing personal training classes, she barely went to her classes (on her) but when the period was over, they simply let her contract expire ( now that's on the company). If someone had called her saying “ I noticed you are not attending your trainings, we want you to succeed in your health goals and have an open spot tomorrow at 5”, that would have increased her chances of using the service she had already paid for and increase her chances of renewal! But when her session ended, no one bothered to call her to review, sign up again or just to ask if there was anything they could do. She was ready to pay but they never called so she never called. This happens all the time. 

But What's the Point 

  • Clients always want more, when I was a server, there was never a time my guests didn’t want something when I popped by their table to see how they were doing. And in my business now, they always need something even if it’s small. 

  • Increasing touch-points with your clients keeps you top of mind and is one way to stand out from the competition, just think, when was the last time anyone asked you how a purchased service was going. 

  • You would be optimizing the Client experience, and they will feel special. Trust me, they will brag to their friends and family about your company. Get ready to receive those referrals. 

  • You could make more revenue as your client might need an upgrade, or another one of your offerings. I don’t see up selling as sale-sy, I see it as complementing or enhancing the existing service, it’s like adding cheese and bacon on your sandwich. It just makes it more delicious. 

Try following up with one client today and let me know how it went. Did they ask any questions or voice any concerns? I would love to hear how this worked for you. 

Have a fantastic week, Shauna